To order simply print out this page and mail with payment or credit card info to:  
    Hansel Photography Inc.
    1419 East 14th Street
    Pueblo, CO 81001-3134
    Phone: 719-543-2964    Cell: 719-250-6822
5x7  $12.00 Reprints $10.00 A $47.00 1-8x10 8x10 Show Special Collage $60.00
    same img # 2-5x7 3 photos on black background with title, show 
8x10 $18.00 Reprints $16.00 4- wallets and name of dog and handler/owner.  
    B $72.00 2-8x10 11x14 Show Special Collage $80.00
11x14 $37.00 Reprints $35.00 same img # 2-5x7 3 photos on black background with title, show 
    8- wallets and name of dog and handler/owner.  
16x24 $100.00 Reprints$95.00 C $125.00 1-11x14 11x14  4 images total $100.00
    same img # 1-8x10 Large Center image and 3 images in the corner
4-Wallets $8.00 Reprints $6.00 4- 5x7 11x14 5 images total $110.00
          16- wallets Large Center image and 4 images in the corner
5x7 or CD (sent in flat mailer) $6.00 Digital Image hi-res sent to magazine  $50.00
8x10 (sent in flat mailer) $6.00 One-time use only, NO TRANSFERS PERMITED. each pic
11x14 (sent in flat mailer) $10.00 Personal Digital Image (unlimited $150.00
16x24 and larger (sent in flat box) $17.00 & up non-commercial use) Copyright Hansel Photography each pic
Local pick up FREE Copyright Purchase (non-commercial) $250.00
NOTE: Photos will not be sent if they are not paid for, nor will they be sent if shipping is not paid for.
NAME & DATE OF EVENT: Tibetan Terrier National Specialty        
Name of Dog Name of Handler Image # Size/Package   Price Quantity Sub total
          TTCA show special 2-8x10 $28.00    
Pictures w/name of Dog picture with names of all owners All winners TTCA Yearbook $65.00    
Credit card No. (MasterCard or Visa)       Exp:   Shipping  
Name on Card:         Security code: Total  
Signature: You may also pay by personal or business check.  Orders will be   
        processed upon the check clearing my bank - WITHOUT EXCEPTION.
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State:       Zip Code:  
Email Address:         Note:emails sent, will be pertaining to business only.
Phone: No junk mail will be sent, email will remain private.
Digital photo files for your ad's may be sent via email or on CD's to magazines or legitimate graphic designers.  These 
files remain the property of Hansel Photography Inc. and may be used for magazine ads, brochures or other stationary
use only.  If you want the digital file only sent to a magazine,  the cost is $50.00 per image.  This fee is for copyright
purposes (One-time rights) and there is no transer authorized,  without written permission of the copyright holder,
Hansel Photography Inc.  Thank you for your business Christine Hansel owner of Hansel Photography Inc.