This year we are offering an exciting opportunity to those who are not able to attend the National Auction to be a part of the fun and join in the auction bidding via telephone!! The telephone bidding will be offered on three very special auction items only and we expect, due to the nature of these great items, that the live and phone bidding on them will be fast and furious!!

All those who wish to participate as a telephone bidder must pre-register no later than Monday May 16, 2011 before 5 p.m EST by email to:

Brenda Algar or Nikkie Kinziger

Once registered, telephone bidders will receive all of the necessary instructions to place their bids.

See Larger Image and Details


Here is your chance to own a magnificent, one of a kind piece of true American Folk Art! This 49" x 54" quilt was designed and handmade by Master Quilter and TT Devotee Eleanor Moland of Texas. It contains over 9,000 pieces and took over 3 months to complete. The quilt is made entirely of cotton and depicts a beautiful Tibetan Terrier with a BIS ribbon behind him/her. This piece is sure to become a family heirloom and is most certainly a treasure for any Tibetan Terrier lover or Quilt collector alike! The quilt has a retail value in excess of $2000. Don't let this one get away!!





footballSee Larger Image, Back Side, and Certifiicate of Authenticity


O.K. all you Cheeseheads or Cheesehead wannabes or just plain football fanatics!!! The Green Bay Packers Foundation has generously donated this official NFL football (complete with a certificate of donation authenticity) transfer-signed by the 2010 Super Bowl Champions Team!!!!! You don't have to be a Tibetan Terrier lover to want this fantastic item!! This football will be cherished by any sports fan and would look great on display in any office or home. What an amazing Holiday gift or keep it just for you! (*Note: The signatures on this football have been transferred from the original.) The value on this item is priceless and all proceeds from its sale will go to the Tibetan Terrier Health & Welfare Foundation to further research into Auto-Immune disorders in Tibetan Terriers. Bid high and often on this true collector's item!




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Now here is something that is a dream come true for dog lovers who show or participate in performance events or just want to replace one of those ugly wire crates in their family or living room! Designed, built and donated by Canadian Craftsman Richard E. Lake for our auction, this beautiful wood crate with non-slip grooming top is a "300" in size. This crate will last you years and your TTs will travel in style! This is a terrific opportunity to bring home a piece that is not only functional but beautiful as well! The value on this item is estimated to be approximately $400. Don't be shy — bid high!