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Breeders Education
Ever wonder why your dog won't quit barking or why your sweet puppy has turned into a nasty, snarling fellow? Our breeder's education speaker will help us to understand why dogs do the things they do. MORE

Nose Work is for All Dogs with Megan Donovan MORE

Making Your Dog a Better Companion or Dancing With Your Dog with Lauren Fox MORE

Agility Trials
Sat, Sun, Mon
May 24, 25, 26

Trophies for competing Tibetan Terriers will be awarded at the TTCA Annual Banquet on Friday, May 30th.

NOSEWORK How your dog can become a talented nose work dog. Megan Donovan will demonstrate and discuss how dogs find scents. How can you tell your dog is searching for the right scent? Do hounds make the best dogs for scent work? How do I get my dog involved in scent work? Lastly, can I go to trials and win titles?

DR. HETTS What can we do to raise a well adjusted, great pup that will be an asset to our family, the neighborhood and the community. ! !
Dr. Susan Hetts works with attorneys, dog trainers, veterinarians, and other animal professionals to better understand animal behavior. Dr. Hetts and her husband Dr. Dan Estep own Animal Behavior Associates in Littleton, CO which provides counseling, andeducation products to those working with animals. Together they have written books, such as Raising a Behaviorally Healthy Pup and Help! I'm Barking and I Can't Be Quiet!
Dr. Hetts received her training in animal behavior from Colorado State University. She is currently or has served on many boards and committees for the Delta Society, Animal Behavior Society, APDT, and CCPDT. !

LAUREN FOX will explain and demonstrate how to teach your dog to become a better behaved pup by using fun tricks and games. Getting your dog to be able to do the routines we see on videos and television can be fun and rewarding and your dog will be better trained and more confident in their daily lives. So let's learn those tricks to make your dog a "Dancing With The Stars" contestant. !



TTCA Events
May 27th
  Board Meeting
May 28th
  9:30 AM Rally and Obedience classes
9-11AM Education Judges Study Group, Breeders Education
11 AM CGC testing
1:30 - 3:30 PM Seminar: Breeders Education, Dr. Susan Hetts,
3:30 - 4:30 PM Seminar:Nose Work with Megan Donovan
5 PM Cocktails
Top 20 Dinner 6:30 PM
May 29th
  9:30 AM 4 – 6 Month Puppy Competition / Veteran and Puppy Sweepstakes
11:00 AM Futurity
3:00 PM Seminar: Tricks and Strategies for Making Your Dog a BetterCompanion or Dancing With Your Dog with Lauren Fox
1:15 PM Parade of Title Holders
6:00 PM Auction Dinner
May 30th
  9:00 AM Junior Showmanship )
10:15 AM Conformation Classes and Best of Breed
6:00 PM Annual Dinner

Nearby All Breed Shows
Friday, May 23rd
Saturday, May 24th
  Central Wyoming Kennel Club (Casper, WY)
Superintendent: www.Onofrio.com
Sunday, May 25th
Monday, May 26th
  Laramie Kennel Club (Laramie, WY)
Superintendent: www.Onofrio.com
Saturday, May 31st
Sunday, June 1st
  TTCA supported the entries at the Flat Irons All Breed shows, Longmont, CO
Superintendent: www.Onofrio.com
For more info contact Elise Kind