Guidelines for TTCA Breeder Referral Coordinator
  1. BRC reports annually in writing to the Board. In the interim, BRC will report quarterly to the President, with copies of that report being supplied to the board.
  2. BRC will assist callers by providing general breed information and information about general health issues, TTCA, and AKC (if appropriate). The BRC shall also suggest appropriate questions to determine if TTs are an appropriate breed for their life. (Materials to be supplied by TTCA Board of Directors.) BRC shall refer calls regarding health issues or breeder complaints to the appropriate resources, i.e. TTCA President, Secretary, Health & Genetics Committee Chair, AKC, or better business bureau. All responses shall be limited to breeder referral, general breed information, club materials, etc.
  3. A written listing will be maintained by the BRC which shall contain the names of breeders on the TTCA Breeder Referral list for the calendar year, listed alphabetically by state. (Kennel names, emails, and faxes may also be included.) The BRC shall solicit breeders annually through the Newsletter. A form will be prepared and upon completion the breeder's name will be added to the list. An annual fee of $25.00 shall be paid to the TTCA to cover the cost of advertising and mailing information. When mailing a breeder list to prospective buyers, a complete listing of breeders on the TTCA Breeder Referral list in the United States shall be supplied. When providing names by phone, a list of ALL listed breeders in the region of the caller shall be supplied. (Regions shall be the same as that of Rescue.) Should the caller request names from surrounding states, BRC will give all names. BRC will follow up with a complete mailing to prospective buyer. There shall also be a statement at the end of the breeder referral list in which the TTCA takes no responsibility for the actions of breeders on the list and encourages buyers to be educated consumers.
  4. BRC should inform callers that the breeder guidelines apply only to those breeders who have signed the breeder referral agreement. Should they call another breeder referred by a third-party, they must realize that these guidelines may not apply.
  5. BRC will follow up all phone calls with a mailing packet. This packet may include, but is not limited to: Breeder list, Code of Ethics, Breeders Guidelines, How to Choose a Breeder and a form letter with disclaimer.
  6. It would be helpful if the BRC had a fax, e-mail, and computer in order to facilitate better communication. All postage costs, within budget, will be paid by TTCA. BRC should keep long distance phone calls to a minimum. A statement should be placed on all advertising sources that long distance calls will only be returned "collect". Also, it could be stressed on the web sites that BRC prefers e-mail correspondence.
  7. BRC shall have the option to restrict the times for incoming inquiries and a suggestion would be to place a notice on the TTCA web site and in the publication advertisements to that effect. For example: "Inquiries accepted by phone Monday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m." Ideally the BRC will have a computer with e-mail, which would facilitate inquiries from the internet.