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puppyThe Tibetan is a very hardy breed and is considered long-lived with most living well beyond 12 years and many to 15 or 16 years. Some problems found in the Tibetan Terrier are: hip dysplasia (HD), patella luxation, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), lens luxation (LL/PLL), hypo-thyroidism, cataracts and canine neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (CCL/NCL). Some of these problems have been proven to be hereditary, and conscientious breeders have screened their stock and can explain these problems and their incidence. Many breeders will have knowledge of their puppies’ bloodlines and potential buyers are advised to ask questions and inquire as to evidence of any testing done on the sire and dam. After all — a healthy and happy puppy is what you are looking for.


Mission of the Tibetan Terrier Health Committee
The TTCA Health Committee strives to help Tibetan Terriers lead longer, healthier lives by advancing Tibetan Terrier health interests, providing support to owners, educating the breed fancy, and promoting open communication about health issues.

Read about on-going studies, health testing information and other news from the health committee.


















December 15, 2010

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Information page on the care and health of Tibetan Terriers

News about Tibetan Terrier Health

The TTCA has created a Voluntary Open Health Registry, where members are encouraged to register health issues, with the hope that knowledge is power. The more that is known about genetic diseases, and which dogs are affected, the more likely that those conditions can be eliminated. Ask your breeder about the registry!

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