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The 2009 TTCA Calendars are ready.
Order the "NEW" 2009 TTCA Calendar and enjoy twelve months of TT viewing pleasure! Quantity is limited so be sure to order your calendar now. And to do our part in helping stimulate the economy, please note that we have lowered the price of the calendar this year to help make your buying decision easier! Also, if you order five or more calendars you receive a 10 percent discount! Download the order form here.

New Rescue Information and Forms

If you are interested in volunteering to help with Rescue, thank you! We realize that not every person is able to help in every capacity of Rescue, so please tell the Rescue committee about your talents, facilities, experience and interests. Email it to Camille Manfredonia, camille1063 @ aol . com

The forms utilized by the Rescue Committee in the operation of the Rescue Program are in the Downloads page. More information on how the Rescue Program functions can be found in the Rescue Program Outline. Please note that these forms should only be used as directed for dogs that have been deemed eligible to be accepted in TTCA Rescue program by a TTCA Regional Coordinator, Network Coordinator, or the Rescue Chairperson. The TTCA as does not assume responsibility for dogs, expenses, or the placement of dogs that have not been officially accepted into the Rescue program as outlined in the Rescue Program Outline.

Learn more about Rescue:

Check Out the New Members Feedback Page.

The purpose of this page is to obtain your feedback on issues of importance to the Club and our breed. A brief article will outline a current issue and will ask for your input with an email link directly to the Board. The effectiveness of this page will only be as good as the feedback we receive and we encourage you to use this facility. Use the "Feedback" link on the left to get to the page.

Breeder Referral Page

The "Breeder Referral" link above will take you to our new page that contains information about the TTCA Breeder Referral Program and a downloadable application form. The fee was raised to $35 this year.

Downloads Page

New files have been added to the"Downloads" section where you find the club logo.

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