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The purpose of this page is to provide TTCA members with the opportunity to express their opinions to the Board of Directors on important Club issues. This page will be updated from time to time to cover different questions before the Board as they arise.



The TTCA Board is concerned about declining membership which can adversely affect the Club's ability to support its many programs and activities.

A committee of TTCA members met with Membership Chairperson, Jean Allen, in Topsfield, MA on June 15 to brainstorm ways to increase TTCA membership. Several ideas were brought to the meeting, and now, the TTCA wishes to have your comments, too. The committee suggested a breeder-sponsored program as follows:

  1. The breeder requests the new puppy owner complete a TTCA Membership application, and leave it with the breeder when they purchase their puppy.
  2. The breeder fills in his/her sponsor sheet and supplies the second sponsor for the applicant if needed.
  3. Breeder pays the first year dues for the new owner. Breeder submits the completed application and dues.
  4. When Membership Chair receives a breeder-sponsored application, the applicant is sent a Membership list, a copy of the “Tibetan Terrier Owners Manual”, the TTCA Constitution & By-laws, and a letter explaining their application is in process and how that works.

Reasoning: To encourage Club membership and distribution of the “Tibetan Terrier Owners Manual”. The new puppy owner will get a helpful informative packet immediately from the TTCA. Only breeder-sponsored applicants would get this packet. All other applications would be handled as usual.

This will give new Tibetan Terrier owners one year of TTCA membership benefits so they can see if they wish to stay and maybe get more involved.

Would you participate in a breeder-sponsored Membership Drive?
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