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The most recent newsletters, in PDF format are below.

January/February 2009

President's Message | Health Committee Report | TTCA Board | Membership Matters | Membership Dues | Delegate's Report | Brags | TTHWF Report | TTHWF Donations | March Regional Specialty, Edison, NJ | AKC/Eukanuba National Results | Meet the Breeds, Long Beach, CA | AKC Changes Obedience Regulations | What is the Top 20 Invitational? | TTHWF Donation Form | Thoughts from Across the Pond | TTCA Breed Booth, Allentown, PA | 2008 National Video | Upcoming Events | Do You Believe in Miracles? | 2009 National Specialty & Trophy Listing | TTCA Awards Application | 2009 World Congress | Denver National Auction | Publishing News | 4th Qtr. 08 CHIC Listings

November/December 2008

President's Message | Secretary's Report | Membership Matters | The Rainbow Bridge | From the Editor | In Memory of "JJ" | Brags | What is an Obedience Title? | TTHWF Donations | Linda Immel Volunteers | Holiday Gift Shop | 2009 Chicago Specialty | All Breed Agility Trial | Rescue Update | TTHWF Donation Form | Thoughts from Across the Pond | Why You Don't Want A Tibetan Terrier | Upcoming Events | AKC STAR Puppy Program | 2009 National Specialty & Trophy Listing | 2009 Board Nominations & Biographies | 2009 Calendars | Newsletter Rates | 2009 World Congress

Sept./Oct. 2008

President's Message | Membership Matters | Futurity | Delegate's Report | Show Committee Report | 2009 Edison Specialty Trophy Donations | Futurity Judge Nomination Form | Nominations for 2009/10 TTCA Officers | 6th Annual Responsible Dog Ownership Day | TTHWF Donations | Health Committee News | Advertisement | Upcoming Events | 2009 National Specialty | Brags | AKC MACH Title | Groomer Tips | TTCA Holiday Cards | Regional Specialty Results Non-Sporting Group Club of NJ | TTHWF Donation Form

July/August 2008

President's Message | Health Committee News | Membership Matters | Bay Colony Regional Results | Futurity | Delegate's Report | AKC Insurance Plan | Juvenile Renal Dysplasia | Trainer's Corner | Obituary | TTHWF Donations | Recording Secretary's Report | Dr. Aguirre's Letter | Need for Moderation | Updated CCL Voluntary Open List | TTCA Specialty North Branch, NJ 9/4/08 | Upcoming Events | TTCA All-Breed Agility Trial | TT Picnic | Minutes from Annual Board Meeting 3/24/08 | TTHWF Report | Brags | TTHWF Financial Statements | AKC Judge's Letter | TTCA Committee List | From the Editor


President's Message | Resignation Letter | Membership Matters | Membership Information Needed | Publishing News | Treasurer's Report | Financial Statement | TTHWF News | Q1 CHIC Listing | Education at the National | Breeders Education Chair | Futurity Chair | Additional National Specialty Results | TTCA Specialty North Branch, NJ, 9/4/08 | Upcoming Events | Breeder's Manual | Breeder's Manual Order Form | Rescue News | Trainer's Corner

April 2008

President's Message | Obedience & Rally | Membership Matters | 2008 Specialty Items | TTHWF News | Upcoming Events |PRA Project Report | Publishing News | National Specialty Results | Agility | Top 20 Invitational | BCTTC Specialty June 14 | Report on Rescue | Advertisement | TTHWF Donation Form | 2007 Journal Ad Form | Brags | Litter Basket | Letter to the Editor | Resignation Letter | 2007 CGC/International Title Form

March 2008

President's Message|National Specialty Deadlines|Notice of Annual Meeting|National News|Judges Ballot Results|TTHWF Meeting Notice|Membership Matters|TTHWF|Secretary's Report|Book Review - When Pigs Fly!|AKC News: 125th Anniversary|DNA Samples - Update Form|Advertisement|Chicago Regional Results|TTHWF Donation Form

Jan.-Feb. 2008

President's Message | Ron Smizinski Memorial | Publishing News | Membership Matters | Secretary's Report | Nationals Update | Health Committee News | Invitational Evening of Champions |Brags | TTCA Store February Sale | Tibetan Terriers in Japan | TTHWF Donation Form | Canine Learning Experience Breed Booth | Futurity | Household Members | Caught Flat-Footed | AKC/Eukanuba National Results | Agility at the National | 4th Quarter CHIC & OFA Listings

December 2007

President's Message | Membership Matters | 2008/2009 Dues | Health Committee News | Board Biographies | Brags | Meet the Breeds Booth | From Our Members | TT Items on Ebay | Publishing News | 2008 TTCA Calendar Order Form | 2007 Annual Board Meeting Minutes | 2007 Annual General Meeting Minutes | 2008 National Specialty | 3rd Quarter CHIC Listings | OFA Verification of Permanent ID | TTCA Awards Application

November 2007

President's Message|Nominations for Officers & Directors|Breeders Education Report|Membership Matters|TT Health & Welfare Foundation|A Gift of Good Advice|Chicago Regional Specialty Information|Trophy Sponsor Form|TTCA Invitational Announcement|2007 Health Conference|Evaluating the Bite|Brags|2008 Calendar Order Form|Calendar of Events

October 2007

President's Message|Health Committee News|Secretary's Report|Membership Matters|2008 National Specialty|Recipe Corner|AKC Introduces Online Record Keeping|AKC Breeder of The Year Award|Publishing News|Who Should Go to Training Class|Brags|Nominting Committee Report|2008 Calendar Order Form

September 2007

President's Message|Jane Reif Letter|Nancy & Paul Stanford Note|VOHR Update|Regional Specialties Results|New Gift Shop Items/Order Form|Penn Hip|TT Club of Canada National Specialty

July/August 2007

President's Message|Membership Matters|Treasurer's Report|Health Committee News|NCL Research Report|Secretary's Report|Publishing News|2007 National Breeders Class Comments|AKC Parent Club Conference|Home Cookin'|AKC Survey|2006 Journal Advertising Form|2007 National Sweeps Comments|ShinTsa's Calling|2007 Q1-2 CHIC Listing|2007 National Specialty Photos|AKC Conditional Registration|2007 Membership Book|2006 Journal CGC/International Title Info Form

June 2007

President's Message|2007 TTCA National Overview|Membership Matters|Delegate's Report|2007 Natonal Obedience & Rally Trials|Pet Food Recall|Colorado Regional Specialty|2007 National Agility Trial|2007 Specialty Results|Brags|Publication News|Help Wanted|VOHR|TT Club of Canada Specialty

May 2007

President's Message|TTs at 2007 AKC Agility Nationals|Membership Matters|Secretary's Report|Health Committee|Specialty Information|Edison, NJ Regional Specialty|Brags|TT Club of Canada Specialty|AKC-CHF Pledge Participants

April 2007

President's Message|Membership Matters|Notice of Annual Meeting|Delegate's Report|Brags|In Memoriam - Len Schweitzer|DAF TT Pledges|Crufts 2007|Year End Board Meeting Minutes|Scottsdale Specialty

March 2007

President's Message|Secretary's Report|2009 National Judges Ballot Results|Membership Matters|Litter Announcements|BAER Testing Clinic|To the Editor|Sheryl Getman, National Print Artist|DAF TT Pledge Participants and Pledge Form|Grand-Sire/Grand-Dam Classes|2007 Top 20 Invitational|2006 Annual Board Meeting Minutes|TT Costume Parade at 2007 National|20 Principles of Breeding Better Dogs

Jan./Feb. 2007

President's Message|John Downey|Health Committee News|Univ. of MO NCL Report|TT Health|TTCA Membership Options|Membership Matters|Secretary's Report|BAER Testing Clinic|E-Newsletter|AKC/Eukanuba Agility Invitational|AKC/Eukanuba Invitational Results|Litter Announcements|Voluntary Open List for CCL or NCL|DAF TT Pledge Participants and Form|Junior Showmanship|Ethics and Breeding|Kennel Blindness|TTCA Committee List|Winter Care for Canines|Award Application

December 2006

President's Message|TTCA Breed Both Wins Award|Health Committee News|Secretary's Report|Thank You|Membership Matters|OFA Policy Changes|2005 Journal Deadlines Extended|Nominee Biographies|Regional Specialty Results|DAF TT Pledge Participants and Form|Obesity|Calendars, Holiday Items|2007 World Congress


President's Message|CHF Donations|Breeders Showcase Chair|Corresponding Secretary's Report|Secretary's Report|DNA Collection Clinic|Nominations for Officers and Directors|Journal Report|AKC Recinds Petland Contract|DAF TT Pledge Participants and Pledge Form|New Event at Specialty|Regional Specialty Dinner Invitation|Specialty Info|2007 Calendar Order Form|2007 National Specialty Promo Items

October 2006

President's Message|New Breeder's Education Chairs|Delegate's Report|Secretary's Report|Health Committee News|Membership Matters|DAF TT Pledge Participants and Pledge Form|2007 National Specialty Update|Ads, Brags, Litter Announcements|Message from Westminster Kennel Club|Help Wanted|Specialty Info/Ads|Board Letter to the AKC|2005 Journal Report|2008 National Specialty Nomination Form

September 2006

President's Message | Matching Gifts | Secretary's Report | Membership Matters | DNA Collection Clinic | DAF TT Pledge Participants | DAF TT Pledge Form | Journal Report | Ads, Brags & Litter Announcements | Help Wanted | TTCA Voluntary Open List of CCL | Upcoming Specialties | 2007 National Specialty Items Order Form | 2005 Journal Ad Submission Form | 2007 TTCA Calendar Order Form Insert

July/August 2006

Research news|Membership Matters|Secretary's Report|New Mach Agility Title|Early Spay-Neuter Considerations|Treasurer's Report|2006 Eukanuba Panel|Delegate's Report|TT Donor Advised Fund|Pitfalls of Summer Heat|Help Wanted

June 2006

Membership Matters|PLL Research|TTCA National Results|Invitational Results|Photo Highlights - National|Letter to the Editor|

May 2006

Notice of Annual Meeting \ Constitution Ballot Results \ CHF Symposium Schedule \ Breeder's Showcase Class Correction \ Membership Matters \ Awards Application \ Suspicious for PRA \ Vaccination News Flash \ Just For Fun

April 2006

Good-bye Jacque Liewer \ Membership Matters \ Delegate's Report \ Secretary's Report \ Stewart Ekmann to AKC CHF Board \ Rescue Donation \ New Committee Members \ Regional Results (Edison, NJ) \ Just For Fun

March 2006

E-Newsletter | CCL Open Registtry | Thyroid Data Base of OFA | Membership Matters | Judges Ballot Results | Rally at the National

Jan - Feb 2006

Constitution Changes|Meet The Breeds Booth|AKC/CHF Donor Advised Fund|Book Review by Eve Ross|2006 TTCA National, San Fransisco-Update|2006 TTCA Regional Specialty, New Jersey-Update|New AKC Agility Regulations|Performance - The Art of Using Treats

December 2005

CCL Open Registry List | Election 2006 | Secreatry's report | Beginner's Class .. Do's and Don'ts | Health Committee Report | Membership Matters | Club Sales | Trophy Donations

November 2005

Nominations for Officers and Directors | Legislative Liason Needed | Make a Date With Your TT | Membership Matters | Agression ...

October 2005

2006 National Specialty | Sales Director Needed | Delegate's Report | Health Committee Report | Membership Matters | The 2004 Journal |

September 2005

Board Meeting | Annual Meeting | Nominating Committee | Upcoming Events | 2006 Specialty | Membership Matters

July - August 2005

A Thank You To All | Breeder's Education Report| Breeder Referral | Health Committee Report | Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow | Creating a Dog-Friendly Yard | 2007 National Specialty | A Successful Project | Breeder's Showcase | Judge Nomination Form

June 2005

National Specialty Result | BCTTC Fundraiser | National Agility Trial | AKC Companion Animal Recovery | In Memory of R. Helton | Specialty Order Form | Invitational Evening | AKC Scholarship Award | Membership Matters

May 2005

National Specialty Prizes | Legislative Corner | UK Championship | Mt. Vernon Specialty Results | Editor's Note | ACE Awards 2005 | Secretary's Report | Membership Matters

April 2005

Breeder Education Update | Legislative Corner | Delegate's Report | The Standard/Blueprint | Website News | Mt Vernon Specialty | Secretary's Report | Jaclie Memorial Fund

March 2005

Specialty Catalog Advertising | Meet the Breeds | Board News } TTCA Awards | Book Reviews | Secretary's Report | Membership Matters



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