Breeder's Challenge to Support Rescue Efforts


from Shannon Shetler...

Recently I contacted my Ivyglenn family to join me in an effort to help raise funds for the Tibetan Terrier Health & Welfare Foundation The rescue operation that took place in Missouri recently involved a large number of TTs and came right on the heels of our big rescue operation out in California. Having been involved in rescue myself in the past years with the Golden Retriever breed, I am fully aware of how quickly funds are depleted when large numbers of dogs come into rescue. I am grateful to our TTCA Rescue for their outstanding service to our breed. The job of helping these people is of utmost importance!

I would like to challenge all the TTCA members, exhibitors and breeders to contact their extended families and join the Ivyglenn family in rallying our troops for such a worthy cause.

Donations to the TTHWF are tax deductible and the donation form can be found on the TTHWF website.

If only 25 of us put together $600.00 in donations like Ivyglenn did, we will have raised $15,000!!!!!!!

My sincere gratitude to the Ivyglenn families for their contributions.