Invitational Evening of Champions Booklet Information Form

Registered Name: CH RatonAString's Runs in CIrcles
Call Name: Dizzy
DOB: January 1, 2010 Sex:     male female
AKC#: NP12345601
Sire: GCHP CH The Money Pit
Dam: Girl #126
Breeder: Johnny Comelately
Owner: John Q. Public
Handler: Fan C. Pants, Hugh Got-Cash, and three Juniors who we didn't have to pay.
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Pnce the competition is complete, we will be introducing your Tibetan Terrier personally to the guests. Please write a short story that you wouldlike read to the audience about your Tibetan Terrier. It can be a story or anything you would like! Maximum 150 words - editor reserves right to edit for length